Mucktopus's video of Abdopus aculeatus


Haliphron Atlanticus
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Mar 17, 2003
mucktopus;114002 said:
I;m watching it now- still not on. We may have been bumped to make room for the painting Elephants in Thailand.

This is vertebrate bigotry. But at least they chose one that's using an muscular hydrostat trunk...
Very interesting interview Roy, not something we've seen in ours, back in the dark ages I did a BSc in behavioural psychology, so anything like this always gets me listening. Wish we got these interviews down under!

I am not sure if this link is included above but it was sent to me from the wife of the collector that found Octane. They have enjoyed my comentary on the octopus and are more aware of them since Octane came to live here. It looks like a lot more of the world is waking up to the ocean if the numbers of articles about the study is any indication.
It's still working OK for me (I listened yesterday, as well)