More extensive O. bimaculoides question


Pygmy Octopus
Mar 20, 2007
Hey everyone. If it's alright, I've got a few more specific questions on the Two-Spot for the project I'm doing.
I've been searching the internet, and have only been able to find general information on the bimaculoides' ecology and such.
So, here goes:
-What habitat does it live in? Specifically, where in the ocean, where it dens, etc.'
-predators, and common prey
More to come.
I'd these questions answered ASAP, if you can. Thanks
According to Norman (2000) Bimacs typically occur on mud and sand habitats, as well as rocky reefs to depths of at least 20m. It is found from the mid coast of California south to Baja, California, Mexico. One assumes it will den in the rocks! It feeds on shellfish (clams, mussels etc) and crustaceans (crabs, shrimp etc)

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