Mimius three month anniversary

Dec 3, 2004
Well, Mimius has been part of the family for three months now. We have a routine where I hide my eyes behind a rock out of his vision and he moves his body/head around until he can see me again. Then he hides his head and waits for me to respond. Strange but true - an octopus that plays hide and seek. Couple of pics during our evening game...


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What an amazingly active little pal you've got there, Detritus! Keep the octo-shots coming; it's always a lot of fun being able to follow the individual progress of our eight-legged friends.
Congratulations on Minimus' three month anniversary! He looks great. :smile: Nice to hear that he likes to play Hide and Seek - keep the reports and photos coming!

Did we ever determine what species Minimus is?

Yes we think it is an O. aculeatus. The descriptions match indo-pacific range, diurnal, medium sized, long arms with exaggerated webbing, no ocelli, small chirri (sp?) atop the eyes, and a base coloration of mottled grey/brown. At the very least one of the horridus group.

Great pet, my whole family really enjoys interacting with him, especially my 10 year old son. Very different and more rewarding than the reef tank. I was very lucky to get such an active octopus for my first attempt. We are moving on Monday and soon after that I will build the stand and hood for his new cube shaped home. Can't wait.
Congrats on your 3 month mark!! He's absolutely beautiful! I love the look of the long arm octopuses! Funny how they love to play hide and seek. When I went to Baltimore the GPO was playing this game with me, stretching his eye to see where I went and head bobbing! More pics please!!!!


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