mimic octopus for sale?


O. bimaculoides
Dec 21, 2002
I saw a mimic for sale at some store in connecticut I forget the name of the place fin something
the octo was beautiful but the price was 5 or $600. anyone else see any of these were how much
Thats the record manny!!! Best i had seen was £300 ($450 or so)


poor thing might only have weeks to live depending on size and shipping stress, lot of money!!!!!!!

thanks for letting us know

That really ticks me off (and i'm already rather unstable... just ask :oshea: )
We don't know squat (or not much) about the mimic but that poor creature has the misfortune of being cool. It's likely to die quickly.

So why the **** buy it?! :evil: I can understand why ppl sell it, it's good money and it doesn't make sense to pass it up. But if nobody buys the mimic then there is no point for shops to offer it. Same with whale products, ivory, fur, whatever...

yep, I totally agree!!!

Its mostly because it has been on TV a few times and built up beyond recognition...

...and remember that shops are not going to tell people that it maybe only has a couple of weeks to live and shoppers do still impulse buy!
As I was saying

As I was saying, the most sought after species are usaully the rarest and the most hard to keep, cause it is "cool" to keep exotic species and it show that's you 'sucessful' IF you can keep a rare sepcies.
As I always say, the media controls the public.
I have been away from tonmo for a while now and just got back in with my new bimac I saw that mimic and if it wasnt for the price I would have bought it thinking its just like keeping a bimac . Is it realy that hard to keep alive

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