Messy: is this pic for real?

Hallo Fellow UK Cephfan.

Sorry mate, it's not, it was built for the Animal Face Off series. However, it's pretty accurate as far as we know, Kat and Dr Steve advised on the anatomy. There was a thread quite recently about this. Somewhere, I'll see if I can find it for you.

Here, try this fake?
:shock: That's quite a freaky pic though. I'm just wondering about that eye... is there not a species of squid that has one huge eys and one tiny eye? They both serve purpose of usage at different water depths... or something...
Graeme- Sounding a bit like a fool now!
skood said:
Hi Graeme :cyclops:

D'you mean Histioteuthis meleagroteuthis?

Link: Histioteuthis meleagroteuthis

Yeah, I think that's it, although I don't remember it being so stocky-looking.

CapnNemo said:
From the fiction works of H P Lovecraft, although the blind, idiot god is not Cthulhu, but Azathoth.

Cthulhu is the chap with the octopod head and wings.

Azathoth - Wikipedia

Cthulhu - Wikipedia

Yay, another "Cthulhu Cultist"!! Yeah, dude that's kinda what I thought. Azathoth is described as being blind and imbicelic, right? Just basically a huge nuclear mass. Basically Cthulhu looks like my Avatar, because it IS Cthulhu; my plush Cthulhu :biggrin2:

Graeme- Servitor to the Great Old One
chrono_war01 said:
oh...*is enlighted* But in the article, did the author mix it up or did I mix up and thought he mixed up?

No, you're totally right. He got it all mixed up.

See!? Most kinds of trouble start of as fun!

Graeme- by the way, is it wrong to double-post here? I'm just wondering 'cuse some forums look down on it.
If you actually have something to share with us all, and you DO - believe me, you DO, Mr. Cthulhu Avatar - double-posts are fine. None of us make a habit of it or anything like that, but don't worry.

Have you visited

I do this little show, you see...
Graeme said:
is there not a species of squid that has one huge eys and one tiny eye? They both serve purpose of usage at different water depths... or something...

There is, in fact, a whole family - the Histioteuthidae - with asymmetric eyes. Maybe one of the other species looks more similar to the one you were thinking of? And there are several references on possible functions of the different eyes (just pulled these up on CephBase):

Young, R.E. 1975. Function of the dimorphic eyes in the midwater squid Histioteuthis dofleini. Pacific Science 29(2): 211-218.

Wentworth, S.L.; Muntz, W.R.A. 1989. Asymmetries in the sense organs and central nervous system of the squid Histioteuthis. Journal of Zoology, London. 219: 607-619.

Bitjukova Y.E.; Zuev, G.V. 1975. Evolution of squids of the family Histioteuthidae in relation to peculiarities of vision. Malacological Review. 11: 129-130.
Fujisawas Sake said:
"Blind Idiot God"? :mad: :cthulhu:


I should go there and slap the writer with all the power of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Ia ia, Cthulhu ftagn!

YARGH! it's wossisname! The eyeball!!! The eyeball covered in tentacles!!
No, I'm NOT raving! Seriously, tis another Mythos god

Ah, quite a handy site is Cephbase. Not always totally helpful regarding questions, but good taxonomic info there! I prefer this place, you get questions and queries answered properly!

Graeme- I'm not kissing anus here, I'm just sayin' it like it is.

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