Megas Update


Jul 27, 2004
he bit me
for a long time.
at first he attempted to tear my thumbnail off when that didnt work he bit me on the lower left corner of my thumbnail. that stung but was ok it was insane amount of pain that came after i took my hand out of the tank that was the problem.
are bimacs venomous at all? my whole thumb swelled up to the point i couldn't bend it so good. then the next day he bit me again. this time i was smart enough to extract my hand quickly so he only got a nip in.
on sunday i put a small white plastic fake golf ball in with him. during that he grabbed onto my hand i removed my hand from the water but megas showed no signs of letting go even though he was out of the tank by a solid 6-8 inches. i put him back in the water and reattached himself to the glass and did his ussual tug of war with me.
my luck to get the only serial killer wanna be Bimac.
hes kewl though he will like climb to the top of the tank and wave his tenecles about like hes daring you to put your hand in.
This is the worst bimac bite we've encountered. Yes, all octos have venom-varying amounts. Bimacs are not known as bad biters with a lot of venom.

Megas really seems to have a personality - he should stop biting (as soon as he figures out you're not edible?!) - at least, I hope he will! We discover new behavior all the time.

One thing for sure - he's not afraid of you! Hope he settles down a bit.

to be honest he did bite me in what is possibly the worst place he could have chosen
you know where your thumbnail ends and before your real finger begins is the place your fingernails grow before they come out of the skin. he bit me there
that would have hurt no matter what way you cut it. it was teh swelling that caused me concern for second i wondered if he was really a bimac of someother breed
any who he aint afraid of nothing
i will post pictures soon
and if i can figure out how to get my movies off my camcorder ill post those too
Interesting personality/character this Megas.. can't wait to see him/her in action!..
Some unresolved childhood issues on Megas' part?.. or perhaps it's that new crab-flavored hand lotion you've been using? :wink:
I'd rather have an active playful octo (albeit agressive) than a total recluse.. :indiffer:
Usually they don't find their way to your fingernails. When he got ahold of your thumbnail, he must have thought he had a crab for sure!


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