MEGAS update


Jul 27, 2004
holy cow is this octo fun. i have video of him doing so many crazy things.
only one spot of worry so far on sunday with all the kids in the kitchen eating and the adults in the kitchen making sure the kids weren't destroying my house Megas inked ALL OVER i mean WOW did he throw out some stuff. but he was all out and about even with the ink not filtered out. Normal shading no stress colors nothing he was acting like it never happened.
now heres a problem i have
Megas has gone from a high fear of humans to a Zero Fear of humans to a Zero TOLERANCE POLICY of humans. i mean i put the clams in my finger he comes up rips the clams out of my hands throws them to the bottom of the tank and procceds to attmept to haul me into the tank to my certain doom.
its like hes trying to kill me.
he is a STRONG damn thing. he is so strong infact he had me paniced that i would not be able to remove myself.
i had to call my wife for help (she was able to get megas off by stroking the top of his skin where the suckers arnt he apperently hates that)
is this normal?
i want to hand feed him but not if hes gonna eat me.
hes awesome to watch when he come up though
he always stretches out a tenecle real far and taps my hand then retreats before coming up to commit murder.
he was after my wife so bad last night that he had almost all of his tenecles out of the water wrapped around her hand.
Spooky stuff
he can and does eat about 5-10 clams a day. i cant imagine he is still hungry. that one night he ate 5 clams and 6 ghost shrimp.
other than that hes an active always out critter with an attitude.
Thanks so much for the Megas updates.. how about some more recent pics (or video?) Your kids are pretty lucky.. I always wanted an octopus! (well.. really a giant squid, but I figured my parents wouldn't let me) :snorkel:
take it easy,

(Thought to all:.. how about cephs playing with magnets?.. would they be amused.. interested at all? I'm quite the fan of NIB magnets myself.. another random interest)

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