Mark Montague (monty)


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May 30, 2000
I am extremely sorry and personally shocked to share the news that Mark Montague (monty) has passed away during what seems to have been a tragic diving accident. Mark was a long-time moderator and Associate Webmaster at and I know you all share my grief at his loss. An article about the incident is here:

Monty you were much loved by and you will be sorely missed. Thank you for all of your contributions and endless positive vibes you shared for your fellow community members and cephalopods alike.

I wish this wasn't so sudden. May you rest in peace.

A few quick things to celebrate Monty - and I don't use "always" lightly - he was a staple in these regards:
- he was always quick to welcome new members
- he was very supportive of ceph keepers and was always there to lend support when they passed
- he offered extremely deep analysis, references and tirelessly researched sources in support of discussions on physiology and biology. His contributions over the years will forever be evident in the threads in our forums.

I'm so appreciative of his contributions to this community; I know we all are. He'll never been forgotten.
Tony, thank you for posting this; and Kevin, thanks for forwarding the message to Tony.

I heard the news this afternoon on a Caltech community email list and still can't really believe it. But...well, they don't put things in the newspaper what ain't true. At least not this kind of thing. I'm still kind of in shock about it at the moment; my thoughts are pretty scattered, and talking about Mark in the past tense still sounds wrong, so I have little hope of saying anything sensible here. But he's sure got a hell of a lot of friends who will miss him sorely.
Thanks hallucigenia. It was a shocking, saddening message to receive but I appreciate you alerting us.
Oh, I am so sorry, he was truly an intellectual and he will be missed, I am sorry I didn't make it to the last Tonmocon, he was one of the people I wanted to meet in person. RIP.
No!! What a shock... He was a wonderful member of the tonmo crowd, and I am so sad I will never be able to meet him in person. Such a tragedy. I am kind of speechless... RIP
Thank you for passing on the news hallucigenia, it was a shock and still hard to believe. Monty took me through the Monterey Bay Aquarium before last years TONMOCON and really made me feel welcome. I will miss his insight into evolution and paleontology.
Tony, Is there anything that we as a community can do ? I have no idea what, but Monty was too important to all of us not to have some kind of a small memorial. Perhaps those of us who have photos of him could post them online too.