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Jan 6, 2005
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This genus contains 3 named and 2 un-named species of magnapinnids, which translates to "big fin". They can be commonly called that, however, I have heard them called "elbow squid", long armed squid", and I think it's been mentioned as the "jointed squid" as well.

It is a very cool looking squid, with a lot of mystery surrounding its classification.

Info at: Wiki
Or at: Tolweb


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Magnapinna is an interesting squid. On my travels to the NMNH in DC I've seen a lot of people look at the model hanging in the big Ocean Hall and I've seen the terrified comments on the ROV videos, but not too many people know that if you're at the NMNH in DC one of its discoverers works there.

For that matter, he was one of my mentors in 2011, the other one being the other discoverer, Richard E. Young, who I actually worked with more frequently.

I really should say hello to Dr. Vecchione again sometime.
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