looking for some id of a wild pacific variety...


Sep 8, 2006
I have a spot where I take my customers and there are always octopus working the coral gardens. I would love to tell my customers what their name is. If someone could help me on this... Here are 4 links to my photo gallery. These are in the Pacific, off the coast of Panama. There is a warm indonesian current at all times, temp stays in the low to middle 80's fareinheit.
Would greatly appreciate it if someone could identify them...
Capn' Scott
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

I believe this is the first time anyone has asked for an octo ID from that part of the world. Nice photos and handsome octopus. Can you estimate how large it is?

We should be able to help you, but it may take a little time to find an expert.

How nice that your customers are able to see octopuses. We should keep you in mind the next time someone asks where they can go to view an octopus in the wild.

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Hi Nancy... Thanks for the "welcome"... They are not very large. About 1 foot in length when swimming. There must be hundreds of them. During the day, you can see them only when they attempt to evade you. They are very wary. The locals eat/kill everything (female lobsters with eggs, sharks for fins, turtles...) They(the octopii) seem to be very intelligent. You can see them look right at you, and almost see them think. They will peer at you hidden from behind a rock and duck/run when they think you've spotted them. And, are the masters of disguise. Will look just like a rock, whenever they need to. Seem to have the ability to slightly change color for camofloge...
Capn Scott
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Sometimes Octopus cyanea is called the Day Octopus because it's active during the day - some of the other octopus species are nocturnal.

You're right, they're intelligent and are masters of disguise. They can also produce large clouds of dark ink as a cover, alowing them to escape.

They're probably hunting for crabs and other crustaceans, their favorite food, when you spot them.

Please continue to take and post your octo photos!

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Thanks All... I don't get to Cativo all that often, but will take lots of photos for you. Cativo is a favorite place of mine, but is about a 3 hour trip by boat. I'm still exploring, so, I will probably find another place with more...
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