Looking for Nature video


Feb 19, 2003
Greetings! My son is studying octopuses for our homeschool science coop. We LOVED the PBS Nature: The Octopus Show. Does anyone here have a copy they can send me (I will pay for tape and mailing, of course). Please email me.

Thanks. We're looking forward to exploring this site.

Sorry...I actually kept a copy of this for a long time, showing it to friends, and then somehow lost it... :oops: But better yet...

We can send your our own very special highly qualified Ceph researcher, Dr. Steve O'Shea! For a mere $1500 (covering round-trip airfare and freight expenses), plus room-and-board, Steve-O will fly from New Zealand to your nearest airport, and will bring a frozen specimen of his favorite animal, Architeuthis, the giant squid! Steve will remain at your house indefinitely, educating your entire family on the glorious nuances of cephalopods, as long as you feed him (biologist salaries being what they are) and can stand the odor of a semi-decaying Architeuthis in your backyard shed.

But wait! There's more! If you act now, we'll also include his incredibly talented cohort, Tintenfisch! And, if you call in the next twenty minutes, we'll also send along a large number of preserved specimens from Steve and Tinten's labs... Other websites offer you only one researcher for as much as $6000, but look at all you get from Tonmo.com! Two biologists, a giant squid, and several jars of preserved specimens, all for $1500 (plus food and living space)! What a bargain!

Ahem. Sorry. I'm in one of those moods. Hi there...welcome to Tonmo.com, where mentally questionable people are encouraged to play with cephalopods. We're glad you're here! :biggrin2:

Uh...I suppose on the vague chance of some legal issues, I should note here that the above was a complete joke and not an offer to sell the world's coolest squid researchers... Please investigate the "something big's cooking" and "Challenge!" threads in the biology section of the forums to see a nice discussion about an ongoing, groundbreaking discovery made by Steve and Tintenfisch.

rrtanton said:
welcome to Tonmo.com, where mentally questionable people are encouraged to play with cephalopods


Will travel for food... actually Steve hates flying so you might have to up the ante just a little... tell you what, you buy us a boat (we're looking for about an 18' aluminum hardtop, by the way) and we'll meet you on any US coast, with all the neat stuff we dragged up on the way.
Deal? :wink:
Paula...it might be more than you wish to spend, but PBS has this phone number listed to purchase a VHS of The Octopus Show for $20:


I don't think that's directly to PBS but rather to whoever PBS has as a distributing company for the video, but that's the number on their site, so...

I must confess...I've enjoyed that video so much I oughta get it for myself.

Hey! Here's a link to the official "The Octopus Show" website! Didn't even know there was one...there's some cool stuff here! Also, a link for purchasing copies of it.

An Octopus' Coconut Home | Nature | PBS

I think some bigger libraries carry videos, and would be likely to have Nature episodes such as this one. I tried looking though the Chicago Public Library's online catalog but didn't have any luck.


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