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Looking for eggs for either metasepia pfefferi, sepia officinalis or bandensis.


Jan 30, 2023
I am currently in the process of setting up a Cuttlefish tank. The goal is to setup the tank at the end of March and let it cycle for 2-3 months. I am currently looking for eggs for either bandensis, pfefferi or officinalis. I can't find any eggs for metasepia. Does anyone have any sources?
Someone else recently ordered S. bandensis eggs from Paradise Pets, and they say they're carrying Metasepia pfefferi eggs right now too:
Hi all,

Just wanted to give an update. Paradise Pets finally sourced them and shipped them to me. water was pretty cold when they arrived, but the seller told me it should be no problem. He said they should hatch within 2 weeks.

I will keep you updated

thank you!
The Flamboyant Cuttlefish eggs are this first link (I don't know why it says bandensis in the URL; on the page it says Flamboyant, and they have a different page for the bandensis eggs):
This last link are the S. bandensis eggs: