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Mar 27, 2004
Hello people! :thumbsup: I´m new here, my name is Diana, I´m from Rio de Janeiro. I am studing VET :snorkel: to dedicate octopus care. Here in Brazil we don´t have materials. I´m really happy finding this forum, I didn´t expect this lucky! Anyway, I would like some help, I´m looking :periscop: for any bibliography, any book (in english or spannish), names, anything, I´ll be grateful.
thanx a lot and sorry my english :oops:
Re: looking for bibliography...

Diana said:
...I´m looking :periscop: for any bibliography, any book (in english or spannish), names, anything, I´ll be grateful.
thanx a lot and sorry my english :oops:

Hi Diana. Could you be a little more specific. What sort of information are you looking for?

JBW's site, I recall, only lists papers/bibliography for which he has pdf files (all others are not listed); as such the papers referred to online (there) are usually relatively recent. I remember reading this a year-or-so ago, so it certainly is not an exhaustive listing of papers/publications.

If there is something that you are particularly interested in then say so here and we'll try and compile something for you.
Welcome, Diana!

Steve is very modest and didn't mention the articles on this site, by Steve and Colin and Nancy. Maybe you've seen them already, but just in case, have a look at the top of the home page.

:welcome: Diana

Don't worry about your english. It's pretty good.......many of us have trouble with english :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: And it's way better than my Spanish!

let us know what you're interested in and I'll see what I can do to help, but Melissa is right there are some excellent references on Tonmo!

Oh guys, thanx! Thank you very very much!!! :talker: I´m not exaggerating, this forum is for me a paradise :notworth: , because here we don´t have neither 8% :thumbsdo: of what you have. I´m really glad to read all your answers and to see all this attention for help me. I´m reading the works/articles step by step, :roll: "a little bit" slowly because my "perfect" English. I will explain what I really want for my studings, I only have to put in words, and in English... :read: But until now, I found so many text about octopus thanx of you.

Do you know any books that are about physiology, health, behavior, feeding, biology and history of octopus? My search, here in Brazil called "Monografia", ist like a final exam that each student have to do to have the graduation :grad: . We have to choose a subject and write about it, in 30/45 pages :bonk: , using books, scientific magazines, sites, maybe programs (I have some tapes about :bluering: that I recorded from Discovery Channel and National Geographyc Channel), on the last page we have to put all the bibliography used to make this work. In my case that is about Octopus, I have to do a large profile. I don´t know if I was clare :goofysca: . I´ll improve by the time, and explain better for you. Now, I am almoust "cross-eyed" :bugout: because are so many subjects to read that I don´t know where begin.

Sorry, but what´s mean husbandry? :confused:
Hi Diana

"Husbandry" means to look after or care for

A good general cephalopod reference (which has stuff on octopus and squid) is Cephalopod Behaviour by Hanlon and Messenger

Much older but with general references on a whole bunch of cephalopod stuff is

Memoirs of the National Museum of Victoria vol 44(1983) it's really old but has some interesting papers in it (much is out of date but it give a historical perspective)

Another Sth African J of Marine Science no 20 (1998) whole issue is cephs

hope these help a little

octopus book

There's a book that's old, but I found to be very interesting by M.J. Wells titled Octopus: Physiology and Behaviour of an Advanced Invertebrate but it's out of print (published in 1978) If you can find it in a library or something, though, you might find it useful.

- M
Hi! Oi!

Is there a chance that books in English, be printet or published in all countries that the language is English? For example, a book published in Canada, have chances of be published in Australia? Because I have an uncle in AUS, I will ask for help if its possible find all this books there.... Oh, my English is terrible :bonk: sorry... :oops:
I think it would be likely to find the books in Austrailia, whether they are published there or not. Why not ask your uncle to have a look.

You also might be able to order them from the US or UK and have them shipped. Often there is no customs duty on books - I don't know about Brazil.

Yeah, I´ll try everything, thanxs a lot!
I sent an email to my uncle about the books.
Everything about octopus, for me, is profit :P
Yesterday, Discovery Channel :notworth: transmited the "Complite Guide - Octopus".
Just let you know... :wink:

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