Looking for an imagine ofr Arc. from monsterquest


Nov 16, 2007
There was a very prominent image of a giant squid battling a sperm whale on the program. It was black and white and very detailed. Does anyone know where I might find the image online? I could do a video cap but it probably wouldn't look very good
Hi olejason,

That illo was done by Glen Loates, who's made a number of beautiful studies of Architeuthis. Try looking him up. Richard Ellis used Loates' work in "The Search For the Giant Squid," too, inside and on the cover of the paperback edition, so if you have scanner access (and the book) that's another vector.


Edit: Loates finally has his own site, www.glenloates.com, with some fine squid drawings in the Deep Sea gallery, but not the specific drawing you're looking for.
Wow thanks for the information... I honestly didn't expect to get an answer because it was such an obscure reference hehe

I'm planning on getting a squid/whale tattoo so hopefully he'll oblige in letting me use the image

Thanks again
:welcome: to TOMO! make sure to show us how the tattoo comes out!
It appears the artists email is dead or he's out of town. I'm going to try his sales address, hopefully he is in charge of that one as well. Thanks guys :smile:

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