Long-finned Squid attack sequence

Jan 22, 2005
I just found this randomly. Thought I'd share it. My apologies if this is link is ancient. From the page:

Photographs of selected frames from a high-speed ciné sequence of the capture of prey (a penaeid shrimp) with the tentacles by Loligo pealei. The elapsed time (ms) from the start of the sequence is indicated in the upper left-hand corner of each frame and corresponds to the time indicated by the abscissa of the plots in Fig. 2. The grid spacing in the background is 0.02m.




Thanks Monkeywrench, that's a very interesting set of photos. I've never seen this set before though have stumbled across a similar cuttlefish set. The absolute symmetry maintained in the sequence is quite astounding.

Phil said:
The absolute symmetry maintained in the sequence is quite astounding.

Astounding, indeed. Coordinating those tentacles with such unimaginable symmetry and speed must be incredible to witness in person.

Not to mention coordinating the chromatophores, the suckers, the fin movements, and the possible photophores!
It is a stunning set of pics, but beware, not all squid use their tentacles like this (propel them out), and even if they do this on occasion, they don't always do it. There's another series of published pics, and a nice paper to accompany it, looking at ommastrephid prey-capture techniques. I'll get pics online shortly.
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