Live Octopus Eating on TV

Feb 15, 2004
Tonight, Wednesday, July 14th
National Geographic Channel
9:00 pm et/pt

Part of the Taboo series, which are always interesting. Be sure to get a box of tissues, as a lot of octopuses are going to meet a horrible fate tonight :cry:

:wink: Should be good.
Sounds like something that should not be tolerated by NG; time to put pen to paper and write letters of disgust!

I watched some other shocking piece of programming on NG last night; had to turn it off it was so poor [something to do with the walruses, baby walruses, spliced footage, fabricated plot .....]. They must think we're stupid (that we cannot tell the difference between 2 walruses, one with 1.5 tusks, the other 2 complete tusks), indicating they're the same one behaving differently in different situations. Cough.
Haha, well, don't know if anyone else watched that, but it was pretty disgusting. Our octopus friends do have their occasional revenge, however, as apparently several Filipinos have choked to death after an octopus has grabbed onto something and refused to go down the throat :goofysca:
dangit... a long lost friend called and i missed it.... as for the dining, it takes all kinds..... nothing is more annoying than something getting labeled barbaric just because it doesnt float someones boat....
Depends on their motive; if they do it just to get their silly mug on some pathetic 'reality TV' show then it is truly barbaric. There's no reality in eating a live octopus is there?

Let them eat excrement instead - I'm sure the audience repulsion/shock value would get greater ratings.
Steve O'Shea said:
Let them eat excrement instead - I'm sure the audience repulsion/shock value would get greater ratings.
Judging from the "quality" of today's TV, methinks that must have been done already :roll: My money is on daring "courageous" fame-addicted candidates to bob for box jellyfish or having them swim for a few hours with a few cuts amidst great white sharks (and if the sharks don't want to cooperate, there's always a chance a few will bleed to death)

--has the eeevel eye too :biggrin2:
I used to eat a lot of live insects, not for nutritional reasions, just for kicks.
After a few years of this I sold my bike, bought a custard yellow Vauxhall Chevette Nitro-Turbo for £50 & found the windscreen stopped them in their tracks.

don't be sad for the insects, a cockchafer at 100mph combined impact velocity can defend itself in a very capable fashion as can a wasp who's trapped in your chest hair & vest.
Biggest thing I hit other than an Austin Allegro, Ford Cortina, Talbot Alpine or Ford Fiesta was a duck which I didn't eat as a lorry was behind me.

Anyway, I find eating non-fossil cephs pointless, your teeth just bounce back off them dislocating one's mandibular apparatus :talker:
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