little update on hex

Feb 24, 2005
well hex is getting big and eating alot. still comes out of his den around 1000 in the morning when the lights come on and stays out till 12 midnight when they go off. he eats out my hand all the time now and actually tries climbing out the tank every time i open it and start feeding. i think his favorite game now is to grab the feeding stick then go back to the large bahamian queen chonch shell that is his den( this thing weights about 5 pounds) and grabs the den then pulls hard enough to pick up the den and swing around on the feeding stick holding his den. when he gets tired he reaches out with one arm and places the den back down where it was then comes back up the feeding stick for a head rub which he loves now. anyway heres some picks for yall.


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well i just tried taking a few pics with my dive case for the first time in a while and hex has stolen my camera from me. he sits in his den using it as a door and i cant get it back. been there for about 30 minutes now. at least hes not scared of it:roll:

but heres a few i managed to get on the first set.


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I wonder if there is something about the reflection on a camera housing that attracts them. I have read more than one dive story about octopuses grabbing and not relenquishing cameras for long periods of time.

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