Little Pumpkin Update!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Nov 20, 2002
I guess by now you all know I am a photography nut!!! Last night I was sitting next to Lil P's tank playing with my camera, I look up and he's plastered to the tank watching me! He must have seen me from his den and decided to come over and see what I was up to. I think he watches TV! There are times, when I will check to see where he is and he is sitting facing the TV, which is about 8 feet away from his tank, but I really think he does! Has anyone else noticed this?

He really has grown! When he arrived, he was the size of a dime! Now he's a little bigger than a quarter!

I am going to order some crabs from that place in Florida. Wonder if they still ship this time of the year?

Anyway, the first picture is my favorite at the moment! :mrgreen:

Hi Carol,

What a fine little octopus! Those are great pics - keep taking lots!

As to the TV watching, someone reported recently that his octo came out to watch TV, and liked cartoons! Has Lil Pumpkin showed a preference for cartoons?

I was thinking of setting up a project for octo owners that involved observing whether your octo watched TV, and whether he preferred cartoons.


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