Little Pumpkin being let out!!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
It's time!!!! He is out constantly watching us. The night we were decorating the livingroom and tree, he was sitting on his rock all night watching! I have called the LFS and they will take my massive jawfish. I had a scare last week. I had fed Lil P and checked on him about 10 minutes later and the pethome lid was open. First thing I did was check the jawfish's belly! Luckily Lil P was still eating his crab and hadn't noticed the lid was open. So this weekend will be his release!!! I had thought I would be able to move him to Ink's tank but she is still going strong, so I have hopes I won't have to do that for at least another month or so!!! Must have my camera settings wrong as I can't seem to get this shot right! Will have to experiment later!!!

Congratulations to Lil Pumpkin for reaching this milestone. So he's grown up enough to live in the real tank! It seemed to work out quite well, keeping him in the pet home.

Glad Ink is doing so well, too.

Sad to jawfish has been relocated to become the mascot of a huge coral display tank!!! Courtesy of a long time friend, who has worked in this LFs for almost 15 years, who decided to let Mr. Jawfish "Appear" in their display tank and play dumb!!! I am sooo happy I have visitation rights!! Anyway, Lil P's release date is scheduled for Wednesday, as I have off from work and can moniter his progress! The plan is to remove the silly pink castle, Mr. J used to live in and move the pethome towards the back of the tank and then simply open the lid and see how long it takes him to realize he can come out! Do you think octo's would eat a horseshoe crab? I still have a 2" crab in that tank. Anyway, need a different protein skimmer as the one on it is a Visi something or other and doesn't work. Water flows, just no collection of anything.

He really is a pig! Eating daily! I never saw this coloration on any of my octo's before him!

Hi Carol,

Nice pic of the little guy - how big is he now? I like the way Lil Pumpkin stares right at the camera! Are these the colors you hadn't seen on your other octis?

Good that everything worked out for Mr. Jawfish and you can visit :smile:

Hi Nancy!

I don't remember this coloration on any of my other octo's. Could be he was trying to look like the orangy rock he lives in! When I looked in at Lil Pumpkin, from the eyes up was yellowish/tan and the bottem white! By the time I grabbed my camera, he was changing some! He's got to be about the size of a 50 cent piece now!!! He's funny cause anytime I come to the tank, and put my hand up he reaches towards me.

Hi Carol,

I was looking back at baby Ollie photos, and she always had a little mask (usually brown) and the rest of her was another, ligher color - mostly the gray and orange polka dot pattern. So she did look something like Lil Pumpkin in the photo. (Yes, I think he's trying to look like the rock!)

When Ollie became older, she no longer wore a mask,and the colors were more dramatic - purples, lavenders, deep purple and orange. Is this what you've observed, too?

Happy Holidays!!!!

For Lil Pumpkin's present, we opened the door last night! He stayed in all night and this morning my son noticed he was out, exploring every inch of the tank! He found 3 snails, and was dragging them around with him! He was a little skittish at first but settled down to responding when I tapped on the glass! Presently, he's holed up towards the back of the tank, eating escargo!!! Hopefully I will have some decent shots in the next couple days!

And Nancy, I have noticed as the babies age they become more adept at changing to their environment!

Hi Carol,

Sounds like Lil Pumpkin is having a fine Christmas dinner! It will be fun watching him in the new tank - lots more for him to do!