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HI all, this is the latest edition of the List of our Octopuses, and I know some recent octos are missing.
If you notice that your octopus is not on this list, please PM me with the information.

-Hi all,
This List is ordered by date, latest additions first, for octopuses acquired from January, 2008 to the present. There are other Lists for earlier dates. Note that the starting dates are the dates the octopus was acquired, not the date it hatched.

Octo name - keeper (species) date acquired - date of death / source / keeper's location

If you notice that your octopus is missing from this list, please PM me with the
information and I'll add your occy!

Boo - quadcam - A. aculeatus - Aug/09
Thor - deathrott - O. hummelincki - Aug 22/09
octopus -octopus9 - O. briareus Aug 21/09 Tom's Caribbean MI
Tigger - Octohk - wunderpus - Aug 14/209 LFS Hong Kong
Ragnar Danneskjold - Sedna - A. aculeatus ? Aug 12/09 LFS MI
othee1 - octopus9 - A. aculeatus? Aug 10/09 (sold)
othee2 - octopus9 - A. aculeatus? Aug 10/09
othee3 - octopus9 - A. aculeatus? August 10/09
Regis - sharkeyshark - dwarf ?species Aug/09 LFS
Fletcher - tommycs - O. hummelincki Aug 6/09 reefscavengers NJ
Beans - bluespotocto - ?A. aculeatus July 29/09
Grendel - Shkuey ?species June/09
Legs - CaptFish - O. briareus - April 15/09 Found in blue crab trap, Biscayne Bay, FL
Osgood - sedna - O. briareus - April 21/09 Tom's Caribbean MI
Aaden - simple (O. hummelincki April/09 Reefscavengers
Olliegoo -:smile:Glass Dragon (?A. aculeatus) March/09
Izabela - sedna (unknown) March 10/09 MI
SueNami - dwhatley (O. briareus ) 3/09 Tom's Caribbean GA
Sgt. Pepper - ScarletBegonias (A. aculeatus) Feb/09 NJO
Beldar - dwhatley (macropus complex) Feb 11/09 GA from Thales, who had two
Shiva - cuttlechris (O.briareus) Feb 10/09 TX
wunderpus3 - Thales (wunderpus) Jan/09 acquired from pool2004 CA
Artemis- Sedna - (macropus complex) 1/16/09 LFS MI deceased
Mongo - Sedna - (O. mercatoris 1/17/09 LFS (Pet Connection) Livonia, MI
octopus - FPVigo (O. briareus) 2/1/2009 LFS Madrid, Spain
octopus - Octavarium (O. hummelincki) 12/24/08 CT
Lennon - forever27 -(O. luteus? macropus complex) 12/18/08 Exotic Underworlds Savannah, GA
dwarf octopus - mikeg - I]?O. mercatoris [/i]
moto - kOmpresd - ?O. mercatoris - Dec 3 08 NC
Mr. Boots - DinoIgnato - O. mercatoris Nov 05 Danthemarineman CA In same tank as Hugsy
Hugsy - DinoIgnato - O. mercatoris Nov 05 Danthemarineman CA
Aku - Sedna -?A. aculeatus-November 08 marinedepotlive MI
Spectre -Krakilin - O. briareus - November/08 islandmarinelife (EBay) CA Sold
Oh Too - dwhatley - (O. hummelincki) - Oct 4/2008 GA
Scylla - redoc - ? species - September 25/08 LFS
The Once-ler - sedna -?species Sept 8/08 MI
Moomin - lene harbott - ?species Sept 3/08 LFS
Serendipity - dwhatley - (O. hummelincki) Sept 7/08 GA
Little Chef - Chef Reef - ? O. hummelincki Aug 26 - Dec 9/08 FLA LFS
Ocho - Shea (O. hummelincki) Aug 23/08
Barney - deep8 - (?species) Aug 22/08 Tennessee
Fenway - Guero - (?O. bimaculoides) June/08 CA San Diego
Oscar - corw314 - (?O. hummelincki) July 19/08 NJ
Merlin -TrappedMetel - (A. aculeatus) July 12/08 UK
Al - sedna - (A. aculeatus) July 15/08 LFS
Grover - Animal Mother (A. aculeatus) June 24/08 TX
New octopus - corw314 (?species) June 13 - 21/08 That Pet Place, PA NJ
Dr. Zoidberg - simple (? A. aculeatus) May 30/08 Marinedepotlive
Mirage - Redoc (A. aculeatus) May 16/08 King Ed Pet Center North Vancouver BC eggs
octopus - Octo666 (H. lunulata) CA
Doctor - lexcanaves O. briareus May 08
octopus - Thales (O. chierchiae) May 08 CA
Aculeatus #1 - Redoc (A. aculeatus) April 25 - May 2/08 King Ed Pet Centerm N. Vancouver BC
noname - corw314 - (?species) March 08 LFS NJ
Charley - Jon C (O chierchiae) March 08/08
Shelby - gholland (O. mercatoris) March 2/08 tank raised, Vary's baby OK
Beluga - gholland (O. mercatoris) March 2/08 tank raised, Vary's baby OK
Tarzan - gholland (O. mercatoris) March 2/08 tank raised, Vary's baby OK
Quattro - gholland (O. mercatoris) March 2/08 tank raised, Vary's baby OK
Nepture -apawlows (O. cyanea) Feb 08
Zancudo - slothboy77 (pygmy) Feb/08
octopus - KDS (? O. bimaculatus?) Feb 14/08 Marine Depot
Octavius - Octovarium (O. hummelincki) February /08 LFS CT
Taco - fishkid6692 (O. hummelincki) Feb 5 - March 10/08 LFS CT
octopus - ssevcik (?species) Jan 26/08 FLA
octopus - Vee (mimic) 8 months old (died after losing or chewing off leg)
octopus - Michael Roth (?A. aculeatus) Feb 2/08 Calgary,Alberta, Canada
Henry - Big Fish - (O. bimaculoides ?) Feb 2/08
Octopus Prime - Mikewise (?A. aculeatus) Jan 30/08=June 11/08 Marinedepotlive
octopus - Pattro - (?species) Jan 26/08
Octopus Prime - Maximus - (?species) Jan 08 lived only a few days; old octopus
Octane - dwhatley - (O. hummelincki) Jan 22/08 GA
Varys - gholland - (O. mercatoris) Dec 22/07 - Mar 19/08 OK (Collected in FLA)
Kalypso - Animal Mother (O. briareus) Jan 18/08 - end of March/09 (13 1/2 months)Tom's TX
octopus - 1blackchicken (?species) Jan/08 CA
Nubbin - Luigi (A. aculeatus?) Jan 08 LFS
Conan the Destroyer (Conanny after eggs laid)- Joefish - (O. briareus) Jan 17/08 Tom's SC
McLovin or Evelyn - simple - (O. briareus) Jan 20/08 Tom's
Lucky - SandV (A. aculeatus) Jan 08 LFS arranged rescue and found Lucky a home in WA
Achilles - dreadhead (?species) Jan 08 - Mar 08 NY escaped from tank and died
octopus - UNMC2010-?species) Jan 08 NE
Medusa - Thales (wunderpus) Jan 10/08 LFS CA
Kharma - Animal Mother (A. aculeatus) Jan 10/08 - Feb 19 LiveAquaria TX
Hi all,

This is the updated List of Our Octopuses. It has to be kept in parts, in separate posts each covering a couple of years.

Please make sure your octopus is included. If there are any addiitons or corrections, please post them here. After a week or so, and when I've made the changes, I'll "stick" this thread so it will appear at the top of the forum.

Thanks for you help!
nice list :biggrin2: I ended up selling my octopus Spectre if you could update that. He was too nocturnal for me :hmm:

Buying 6 tank raised baby cuttles tomorrow though so ill post when I get them :biggrin2:
lucky you, i`m still having a very hard time finding cuttlefish! i got my octopus already and its in a 55 gallon tank, and i`ve another tank set up and running for 2 months already for my cuttlefish, my cuttlefish was supposed to come in last week at my lfs, but while it was being send to my lfs, it died on the way, so sad! and my lfs doesnt know when will the next shipment will be. I just cant wait for it!

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