Let's play... 6 degrees to a ceph!


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May 30, 2000
You've all heard the game "6 Degrees to Kevin Bacon", yeah? Basically, you name an actor, and see if the other guy/gal can string along relationships with other actors that have appeared in the same movie, and make it lead to Kevin Bacon in six degrees or less. Ug, it's best explained by example:

Ok, lessee... Burt Reynolds


1. Burt was in Striptease with Demi Moore
2. Demi Moore was in Destination Anywhere with Kevin Bacon!

Boy, uh, that was easy. But, unlike I just did, you cannot use a search engine to get your answers. :twisted: You must use your knowledge of film to get there.

So, let's give this a spin... see what we can do. In 6 degrees or less, can you link any actor to a movie containing a cephalopod or a reference to a cephalopod? I'll give a random try, let's see what you can do:

Meg Ryan!
i thought it was seven degrees.....but ill give it a shot....

meg ryan - tom cruise - top gun
tom cruise - robert duvall - days of thunder
robert duvall - michael douglas - falling down
michael douglas - kirk douglas - *
kirk douglas - 20k Leagues

* dont remember the name of the movie but i was recent or semi recent but i know it had the word family in the title.... does that still count?
Meg Ryan starred in "Kate & Leopold" with Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman starred in "X-2" with Brian Cox
Brian Cox appeared in "Manhunter" with William Petersen
William Petersen starred in "The Beast"


Sweet! WK with the first response by a nose! But Clem did it in less steps... Well done!

WK, maybe it is 7 degrees... I may have got it mixed up with the old community site sixdegrees.com. :?

Next... Gene Wilder!
ummm this is kida weak, but its a try....

gene wilder - slim pickens - blazing saddles
slim pickens - 1941

in 1941 he gets dragged aboard a submarine, and submariners have been called 'squidies' before, although i dont believe the any cephs were directly mentioned

:lol: A truly valiant effort, but as the person who threw out the actor name, I guess I am judge, and I'd have to say that unless they were called squiddies in the movie 1941, or they saw or referenced a ceph of some sort, then I'm not getting the connection.

That said, it's far better than I can do... I got nuthin.
ive got it! i knew slim pickens wouldnt let me down....

gene wilder - slim pickens - blazing saddles
slim pickens - james earl jones - dr strangelove
james earl jones - star wars or return of the jedi

either the trash monster or the sarlacc respectively
oh, I'll try my own, but this is a real butcher's job:

1. Gene was in Young Frankenstein with Teri Garr
2. Teri was in Tootsie with Bill Murray
3. Bill Murray was in Stripes with John Candy
4. John Candy was in The Great Outdoors with Dan Akyroyd (sp?)
5. Dan Akyroyd was in Trading Places with Jamie Lee Curtis
6. Jamie Lee Curtis was in a Fish Called Wanda, which featured an octopus logo on the door of John Cleese's office at the beginning of the movie, for his company, Octopus, Inc.

...I think...
oh well, that backfired.....i was trying to a picture of him so as to not say he was in this movie and that movie, so as to not give people a clue... youd recognize him if you saw him though....
tis a shame.... so good connections with him..... among his credits are spies like us, bill and teds excellent adventure, brian's song, cleopatra jones, revenge of the nerds, another 48hrs, i'm gonna get you sucka, and a few others..... he's a great person to use since hes never in a starring role but still recognizable (kinda like gary busey)

the two most direct paths would be: 1) to keanu reeves (bill and teds) in which he was the history teacher, which of course goes to the matrix movies or 2) to shelley winters (cleopatra jones) and shelley was in Tentacles....

however, with all the things hes been in, roundabout paths are also possible

maybe ill leave the actor selection to Tony :smile:

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