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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Hi all,

Here's a pic of Ollie in his den that I took yesterday.

Ollie had a fright yesterday. Lights were off in his tank, he must have seen one of us moving and he suddenly jetted to the upper corner of the tank and bumped his head. It made a loud "thunk". Fortunately, he did not ink and he did not seem to be injured.

I had to spend about 1 1/2 hours getting him calmed down and back to normal. During this time, he took the cleaning magnet, tugged on his feeding stick, wanted to touch fingers, waved, and did all the things he knew for communication. Everytime I thought he was settled down in his den, he came out again.

Ollie seems OK today.

Poor guy! Can't even give him some aspirin or a beer!! Ouch!
Still, a great looking octopus...great pic!
Ollie's sitting in his den right now, well filled up with shrimp, looking like nothing happened!

Yes, our bimacs do look a bit alike - Debbie, I notice that your wonderful movie of Sam reminded me of Ollie when he was younger.

But if our bimacs were all together in a group, I think each of us could pick out our octi!

I love ALL the pics you guys submit!! I feel bad about him banging his head tho!!!!

On another sad note, it looks like my bimac purchase will be delayed as my girlfriend and I made a large purchase and it will take my bimac funds to buy it!!

Yep i bet we could pick them out too :biggrin2: Funny how each one of them are so different. Ollie is doing so well. Jam is just young and has an attitude right now. I never thought they could ink so much :shock: He has slowed down on the inking but he really hates me in the tank and will stalk my hand as i clean the glass. Hopefully his personality will come around as he gets older
Hey nancy,

You said that u had to spend 1 1/2 hours calming him down. How would u calm an octo down? Also, u said that ollie tugged at the cleaning magnet. Do you leave the magnet in the tank all the time? My magnet fills up with water when i use it and i was afraid to leave it in the tank, but maybe it will be ok. Let me know, thanks.
Funny how each is sooo different. Hermin, my bimac before Ink, inked several times when he was startled. Now Ink, so far has never and he has been startled once or twice. He goes into the CONEHEAD!!!! and scurries away!

Sounds like Jam has a real attitude!!!

Hi Rockthis,

My cleaning magnet is covered with plastic and stays in the tank all the time.

As for how I calm him down, Ollie has always liked my following his motions with my hand on the glass. Often he comes to the top of the water and wants to "touch fingers". Also, he will come to the front glass, face me, make eye contact and stay there while I move my hand in a circular pattern , kind of like remotely petting him. He finds this very soothing. He often closes his eyes and will almost go to sleep.

I guess each octi has its habits and preferences!

Hi Rockthis,

Hey, it took Ollie a long time to do these things. He will have been with me for 6 months on Sept. 5. I spent a lot of time with him in the first few months where he just sat in his cave and looked at me.

So be patient. I think it helped that I used a feeding stick, because this was the first real contact we had - Ollie began to tug on the stick.

Also, I decided to feed Ollie smaller amounts several times a day, in order to have him pay more attention to me. If he was hungry and looking for food, I fed him using the feeding stick (unless the food was live). He never became lazy - far from it! You should see him zipping about the tank! And he loves to hunt crabs and crawfish, as well as small shrimp.

But this feeding method only works if you're around a lot of the time. Otherwise, once a day could be preferable.

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