Largest wild octopus in British waters


Nov 8, 2003
Fri 21 May 2004
1:30pm (UK)

Fisherman Claims Largest Octopus Catch in British Waters

By Sam Marsden, PA News

A fisherman has caught an octopus believed to be the largest of its kind found in British waters.


News | The Scotsman

Possibly not very impressive compared with other parts of the world but still cosniderably larger than the last previous largest find :wink:


If this is the largest "wild" octopus in British waters, how big do the tame ones get? :?: Some British Tonmo person must have a pet giant, perhaps a domesticated Pacific Tree Octopus they keep in the back garden and feed fairies and gnomes to?
hmmm i missed this one but vulgaris is found in british waters and easily beats Eledone for size...

As for an Eledone record, how are they measuring it??? If its the length of one arm then its big but not if that is tip to tip... i have seen some pretty big Eledone on display...

Big poo poo Colin :wink:
yes, but not personally.. my friend usually has them in stock.

They are not the most interesting species to keep but as a bonus are often kept in groups... cost about £15 and easily seen in sea life centres in the UK
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