Largest Aquarium in the World

Jul 24, 2003
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City dives in for aquarium Oct 5 2004

By Neil Hodgson, Liverpool Echo

LIVERPOOL has made a U-turn and now wants the world's largest aquarium.

But the council faces an uphill battle to land the £250m project, which will be one of Europe's biggest tourism hotspots and create hundreds of jobs.

The National Institute for Research into Aquatic Habitats (Nirah) is looking for sites for its aquarium.

It approached Mersey Docks and Harbour Company and Liverpool council chief executive Sir David Henshaw earlier this year.

But Sir David said Liverpool had no space for the scheme and suggested Nirah talk to Wirral council.

Now Liverpool has reopened talks with Nirah after a phone call by Sir David to Nirah's chairman, Philip Graf, who indicated the project may not need as much land as they thought.

"Discussions are being restarted with a view to seeing if a project of this scale could be sited in the Central Docks," a spokesman said.

Wirral, Bedford and the Welsh border near the Severn Bridge are also on Nirah's shortlist.

Walton Labour MP Peter Kilfoyle, who had criticised the original decision, said: "This is another case where Liverpool looks uncertain about its vision of itself and the future.

"I do wonder about the record of the city council which is missing out time and again on prestigious and attractive projects.

"Who is running Liverpool, the chief executive or elected politicians?"

The 70-acre Central Docks site, north of Waterloo Dock, is prime development land and was the Liverpool location originally targeted by Nirah.

The docks company said it would be impossible to proceed with the aquarium plans without the council's backing.

Liverpool council leader Mike Storey said: "Nirah has redone its business plan, said we could go for a smaller site and that means Central Docks is on the agenda."

We pray....that would be nice!!!! :tentacle:

TEll you what there are some jobs worths out there in the lepar land of council offices arnt there!!!! :x :x
I went on NIRAH's website (which is pretty barren) and it shows a layout of the soon-to-be aquarium. Here's something that, personally I am very excited about - the aquarium will represent only freshwater habitats. World's Largest aquarium and nary a bit of salt water around. I find that to be very cool simply because you rarely see freshwater species represented. Kinda like zoos in America: every zoo has to have Lions/elephants/tigers but very few have moose/elk/beavers/wolverines or other native animals.
So bully for them to do a big honking freshwater aquarium!
Hi Chris

Much as I like to see the marine beasties, I was convinced by the Tennessee River Aquarium to see it your way. You expect trout, trout, catfish, and trout but it's far more interesting than that.

Tomorrow is the US native foods harvest feast, mmm.

Ooooohhh I'll have to ave a gander at Nirahs website!!!

I want them to have Octo's Octo's an more Octo's, hmmm bet they wont thou!!!! :cry:

eh a blue whale would be nice as well wouldnt it :D :lol: :lol:

I'll let ya know if anything happens.......
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