Krake attacks BMW

:welcome: Herzlich Willkommen, Onno! (Other than Danke Schön, Bitte Schön, and various menu items, that is the extent of my German vocabulary :smile: -- but we do have at least one fluent German speaker here, Steve O'Shea's colleague Kat, TONMO ID "Tintenfisch".)

Glad to have you aboard -- the car photo is great, and your organization Deepwave sounds like a wonderful, worthy cause. It's amazing, and very encouraging, to know that TONMO has attracted the attention of so many ecology-minded professionals like yourself, from countries all around the world. And it is inspiring to see how our common interest in Cephalopods will ultimately motivate our efforts to preserve the environment of this "Blue Planet" for future generations.

Hoping to hear more from you soon!

Best wishes,
Hi tani

thanks for your welcome. and thanks for the supporting words.
will give my best for the oceans and will try to spread any ceph news into the world (anybody ever thought of a architeuthis-conservation group?)

They most certainly have, Onno; you'll find mention of this throughout the site, and in several papers currently 'in press'.


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