Kevin Bacon and Archi, never though I'd see the day...

Oh, ****.

Alright, Kevin, here are some song titles for you:

"Truth Is, Architeuthis..."
"I Left My Tentacle in Ogasawara"
"3,000 Feet Deep and Sinking"
"Squid of Pain"
"Archie My Love"
"Hating Japanese"
"Dai-Oo (The Squidboat Song)"

Armloose :lol:

if he makes it a country song, it might just work.... singing about how he lost his job, his dogfish died, everyone's looking for him, and he was hoping a nice lady squid would come along and bite that tentacle off (if you know what i mean) but fat chance now....

something like that... maybe call it "Who says a squid can't turn blue?"
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