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just a little update

Apr 20, 2005
I just wanted to keep up dated with tonmo because I haven't posted in a wile. well a few months ago bubbles my octopus passed away because of extreme filter problems. He still lasted longer than people had said he would. recently I bought a 90 gallon tall glass tank and am planning to turn it into a reef. after that is set up some time with in 2 months. but that's not why I'm hear I also am going to order a 55 gallon tank and try another octopus. I have a 30 gallon food/quarantine tank and a RO filter waiting so I'm expecting 4 moths to mature the new tank so probably about 6 months before I look at buying an octopus.

also please don't leave negative posts it really bothers me. that was the reason I haven't visited much :tomato:

Sep 16, 2005
Hi Clownfish,

Sounds like you are being extra careful this time. Good Luck!

I just started setting up my 29 gallon feeder tank, spent the day rinsing gravel and sand. Got a RO/DI filter and after a few leaks, got it working. Will be setting up a 55 gallon for a cuttle soon, so we are leading parallel lives :smile: