Ink the Conehead!!!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Nov 20, 2002
Tonight, Ink is on the front watching us. He seems to do that alot more now. Hermin was quicker to be social. Ink seems a little more reserved but with attitude!

Anyway, I grabbed my camera to try to get a closeup of him, and he darts off the glass and goes into the classic conehead behavior. So bizarre!!! Wonder why they do this??? If I threatened him with my camera? Anyway heres the shots!!!

Hi Carol,
Interesting - I don't think I've ever seen Ollie do this "conehead" - did Hermin do it from time to time, and what do you think it means?

Hi Nancy!

Hermin did do this behavior quite a few times! Usually when I was watching him. I think I read somewheres on this board that someone else had observed this behavior too. Not sure what it means. Kind of thought maybe it's to scare me away, but in fun? Like Ink's messing with me!!!!

it could be a different type of camo? Maybe obscuring the outline of an octopus...

The 'aculeatus' i had did that all the time

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