I'm back!


Aug 9, 2004
Well it's time for another octo, now that I am able to get a bimac, I decided to adopt a new baby. He arrives Friday, we can't wait. My GF has never owned a octo, but she's taken to my other tanks she even has her own Dogfaced Puffer who she babies. So this lucky little octo will have a nice home. Will post pics as soon as he arrives.
Welcome back!

Are you getting one of marinebio_guy's bimacs?
Please let us know when he arrives and what his name is, and I'll add him to the list of our octopuses!

Yes Nancy, I did get one from MarineBio, The little guy came today, gosh he is small, but will be big in no time. He is extremely active for just arriving. He's not shy one bit. Doing basic black/white color changing. His name I believe will be Tweak, like the Southpark character. My girlfriend is quite excited, she's never been around an octopus. So we should have some great videos in the near future. She doesn't work in the day, so I imagine the 2 of them will get into plenty of trouble together. Pictures will follow soon.

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