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Apr 12, 2004
So as a afficionado of H.P. Lovecraft and cryptozoology I was thinking of doing an article on big squid for "The People of Innsmouth" - the official newsletter of my Lovecraftian rock band "The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets." Naturally I begin doing research and eventually I found my way to this board.


I don't have any degrees in marine biology but obviously I am a fan of cephalopods of all types. I wrote a song called "Jimmy the Squid" and you better believe I know who Dr. O'Shea, Clyde Roper, Mike DeGruy & Richard Ellis are, so I was pleased as punch to see a forum where O'Shea routinely posts. I have been glued to this site all day (except when I had to go get my hair cut) absorbing the massive amounts of information. Super yay! I heart squid!

I guess that's my introduction, such as it is. I'm also an illustrator (I do a lot of work for roleplaying games like Call of Cthulhu and Dungeons & Dragons) and I've written a book called Spaceship Zero.
If anyone is interested in what I do here are some links: - my personal website - my Cthulhu rock band
Shaw Communications

Pleased as punch to be here. Now 1/2 price post-Easter chocolate calls.
Welcome to Tonmo ! Always nice to have a fellow Old One on board !
Cool web pages...very nice stuff...
Hi Toren,

Welcome to :welcome:

Sounds like you'll fit right in, with all your interests.

Now I'm curious about what the music from a Lovecraftian rock band sounds like!

Excellent!! Virtually meeting one of the Hillside Thickets (or are you the Thickies?) - despite never having heard any of your stuff I do often mention you (you are possibly my 'most mentioned never listened to group' - if that makes sense not that I suspect you'd need it to :wink: ):

Cthulhu-related music:

Fortean Music:

I am inexplicably excited. Keep up the good work.


Welcome to TONMO, where the past, present, and future is cephalopods!

Always good to have another Lovecraft fan. TONMO is rebirth of slick-style cool like dat. I like to think we have something for everyone here.

I haven't played Call of Cthulhu since before they went to D20. I do have an active 7th Sea game and an L5R campaign, as well as the occasional Savage Worlds system. Being an anime fan, I was eventually thinking of running Big Eyes Small Mouth. Good to meet someone else who is interested in gaming.

So are your tunes posted online? Can we hear them?

Sushi and Sake,

Some roll to go with your rock?

I have never felt more welcomed to a board community. Go 'pods!

You can listen to sizeable portions of four of my band's songs here:
"20 Minutes of Oxygen" (pining for time travel)
"The Innsmouth Look" (a little love song for the Lovecraft fans)
"The Math Song" (a fan favourite)
"Dies Ist Unverschamtheit" (it's in German!)

You can also hear our song about insects (and fungus) "Burrow Your Way to My Heart" at
GarageBand for Mac

Enjoy! I'll get around to posting "Jimmy the Squid" eventually - I promise!

I happened to upload a large version of one of my Cthulhu drawings for some fellow who wants to use the image for their own band's t-shirt, so for a limited time you can view a very close up version of "Cthulhu on the Rampage" but BE WARNED - this jpeg is over 3 megs so it's not for meek connections.

Shaw Communications

I'll probably just delete this post when I take the image off the server, so if you can read this, it's probably still up!
Re: Some roll to go with your rock?

Toren said:
"Dies Ist Unverschamtheit" (it's in German!)

Irgendwann muss ich das mir anhören... 8)

Yep, looks like you found us in the end. We've been sending you subliminal messages for months, you know...

Re: Illustrator, Voice actor, nerd - Vancouver BC

Toren said:
... my Lovecraftian rock band "The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets."

Do you do any Neil Diamond covers? This site is full of Diamond supporters, Sir Dr Ummmm.... for one, but none more avid than Tintenfisch (although she's presently in denial).

As an aside, that O'Shea guy is a complete and utter fruit loop with a foot fixation 8) . Nevertheless, he sends a hearty :welcome: to you too.
Re: Illustrator, Voice actor, nerd - Vancouver BC

You mention "voice actor" in your subject line - I'm a voice chaser! (No, its not rude, I just follow voices through animations...) and have been chasing quite a few Vancouver voices, mainly the ones who work at Ocean Studios. I'm coming to Canada from Melbourne, Australia in November but due to lack of time will only be on the east coast.

Cheers, KRin
Re: Illustrator, Voice actor, nerd - Vancouver BC

Steve O'Shea said:
Do you do any Neil Diamond covers?

I doubt it, Steve... most bands work in a medium called 'music,' divided into 'songs,' not 'racket' divided into short segments of 'noise.'
Hey Toren,

I don't know if you remember me, but we traded e-mail's a while back. You might remember better through my artwork. You were trying to get some of my work involved in the Call of Cthulhu D20 a while back.

Anyways I guess it's inevitable that we (tentacle obsessed) all find our way to this great site.


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