ID request!!

Sep 8, 2006
He's about 2 inches long, from the tip of his head to the tips of his tentacles. His head's about the size of a peanut, and he's red. His eyes are comically large. He has some texture to him, sometimes smooth, sometimes spikey, two dark spots on his mantle. White spots on his mantle appear and disappear.






Any idea what kind of Octopus he is?
clownfish;80576 said:
That is a great looking octopus. It looks to me like a pigmy octopus but I'm not sure. (great find though ware did you get him.)

Thanks. You made him blush. J/K.... :bonk:

I actually got him at a LFS in Dallas. Never imagined coming across one at a store, just knew I was going to have to order one... and just when I gave up hope of finding one locally... there it was.
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It's not a bimac they show there false-eye spots when they are less than and inch long. It could be a dwaft sp. possibly something from the GoM or Caribbean. If you as ask the LFS which supplier they got it from (although they usually do not like to tell people) you can probably narrow it down to Pacific or Atlantic/GoM
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Nancy;80621 said:
I'm wondering whether we may need to wait until he's a bit older in order to identify the species...

Nice little octo! Hope he's doing well.


I'm just going to let him do his thing. Or hers... whichever the case may be. He's doing alright. I haven't seen him completely out of his home since I put him in the tank, but he has collected a hermit since last night. He's staying in a pretty large Turbo Snail shell. He pops his head in and out occasionally. Most of the time holding his hermit shell make-shift door.
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Does your octo have two "flaps" beneath his/her eyes? If s/he does, s/he might be O. digueti as judging by the white spots... ???

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O. digueti is from the Pacific - Gulf of California, Pacific Coast of Baja California.

If this little octopus is from the Caribbean, then look at photos of O. mercatoris.

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