I'd like to know if anyone here has info about the NRCC

Aug 19, 2003

My name is Michael Andres and I now live in the Galveston area, and am attending Texas A & M at Galveston :boat:. I was wondering if the NRCC was looking for an intern or volunteer to do grunt work or anything else.

Please if anyone knows anything let me know. Thank you.


Oh and I saw this Emoticon :notworth: and thought of Dr. O'Shea and Dr. Roper. So again :notworth:
Hi y'all,

I think the NRCC does hire students, but I don't know the requirements or any details.

Why not send a private message to ceph (Dr. James Wood), who occasionaly posts on this website, and ask him how to apply? (Look under the Memberlist under "c" and find "ceph"). He was recently in California giving a lecture, and I don't know whether he's returned yet.

You could also look on the NRCC website.

Good luck!


When I went to the web site for the NRCC I notice that Phillip G. Lee, Ph.D. was the center's director. Does that imply that he is the one who gets the e-mail or should I still send it to Dr. Wood despite his absence? I have tried to contact both in the past to no avail. But I guess "if first you don't succeed, try, try, try again."

I just finished my freshman year...but i'm going to be in freshman marine biology classes because I didn't decide to stay in galveston/ decide on the major until it was too late.
oh i've always had an interest in cephs. It started out with devouring any and all information about giant squids. And grew from there when I started reading into octopuses. I can't say which I'm more interested, octos, squid or cuttles. (and then there's nautilus and argonauts..... can't forget them)
That’s cool. I got into cephs at an early age and my fascination started with Architeuthis as well. As a general rule of thumb I prefer squids but because I'm working with Dr. Roland Anderson on a octopus growth paper and my favorite species of ceph (at the moment of course) is the Tremoctopus violaceus (the Violent Blanket Octopus) I may have to rethink the squid thing.

Michael :meso:

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