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I think I was playing with my octo...

Sep 25, 2004
I tried to get my octo to eat a crab out of my hand while he was hiding. So he pushed it out of his hole and came out this continued for a bit him pushing it away and me trying to get him to atick to it. The whole time he was white, except when I move fast then he turned red and brown. Then I put the crab back and and I did the same thing and he still pushed me away. In a playfull or annoyed fashion. Do they like to play like this. A little help!


Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
I don't know about the colors with this octo. Some photos on Ceph Base show him as white to match the corals, usually with texture. Sometimes he's also brown. Red often indicates anger. But, he didn't bite your or do any really defensive moves.

Whether or not you were playing, you were certainly interacting. You might try letting him make the moves rather than you. And always move slowly, whether you stick your hand in or use a feeding stick. Don't surprise him - make sure he can see you coming. These are ways to gain trust. It's still very early in your relationship.