How many people go to reef

Apr 20, 2005
It seems like an odd question but latly I have been seeing the same user names at as on Tonmo. Maby they like our user names or alot of people on tonmo like reef cental. I was just wondering.:wink:. It is mostly in the Ceph part so its highly likely thak people do post there.

My dad registered. What can I say? I was 10 years old-just starin at the "pretty red anenomes" (yes, that's misspelled on purpose) %$%# aiptasia...
Yep, I post quite a lot on other forums, but mostly in the reptile and modeling sites...reef tanks don't do much for me anymore...spoiled by cephs.
RC can be useful for looking up equipment or with tank problems. But I try not to post much in the Ceph forum because I think it weakens us here at Tonmo.

i dont because everyone there ask the same question... how big of a tank do you need for an octopus... and no one ever answers and cares over there... not to bash them... and also ive found that when posting about reef tanks and such over there some ppl can be rather rude and just bash you about your methods or just cause they dont like you... instead of helping... so i stopped posting there about a year ago...

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