how do i post very large quality 7mp pictures on herE?

Feb 24, 2005
just got a cool pix 7900 and wondering how i can post some great pictures of my octo and reef tank on here... only problem is the pictures are like 2 megs each so it wont let me
I just recently bought an Olympus C-8080 (8MP) and had the same problem.

You can take the pics and upload them to a site like or, find a program to use, that will resize them.

Now, in addition to using PhotoBucket, I also use a program called Mirov Image Resizer. It's a free download, online. Basically, you choose what pics you want to resize and it'll do it. The thing that I love about this program is that you can resize photos, in bulk. So, it doesnt matter if you have 2 pics or can resize them all at once.

Hi Joefish,

First of all you need to resize your picture. If you open it with 'Paint', then use percentage reduction tool available when you click the 'Stretch/Skew' under 'Image' to create the appropriate size. You do not want to create a picture too large for the viewer so that they have to scroll to see all of it.

Then save it as a .jpg, not a .bmp as they take up too much memory.

When you wish to post, click on 'go advanced' and then 'Manage Attachments' and you will find you can upload the image directly via the 'Browse' button. When you post, your image will appear as a thumbnail under your post.

If you wish to insert a full size picture into your post, and here's the clever bit, edit your post then 'copy and paste' your image link directly into your post. You will need to write
after it to work.

Good luck, it's much easier than it sounds! Look forward to seeing your octo pics.

Hey I just bought a Coolpix 7900. That camera kicks ass, can't wait to buy the dive case and take some underwater shots. The camera has an internal option to save the picture as a smaller file, though don't worry as it creates a new file and still keeps the 7 megapixel original.
by the way did yours come with a memory card cause mine didnt and i need one bad
the cameras amazing except for the fact that u can only take 4 pictures at 7 mp on the interal camera memory
My camera came with no card. I did however splurge and buy a 1 gig sd card. Best decision I have made in a while. The ability to take over 300 shots at highest quality is great.

Just buy the card. . . . . . . Your soul depends upon it.

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