Hiya cephalomaniacz


Blue Ring
Mar 3, 2004
:talker: supposed to do this a few days ago but was not successful. I have just posted some old squid photos (digital photos of photos) :oops: .on the cephalopods care forum, as promised. I have to apologise again for the relative poor quality of these photos (reproduced by shooting with a digital camera since I don't have my scanner with me, :frown: ).

I have been collecting and keeping these squids for quite a while (not at the moment though but I shall be doing it, and more, very soon).

I am, unfortunately, not only a natural-born-cephalomaniac, I am a mania for all marine creatures, and even F/W ones. I never have enough time to do all the stuff that I want to do. All I have been doing and all my fantasy and dreams are all centred around studying, collecting, keeping and observing all these wunderful creatures (so long as they are not too big, like for instance whale shark, basking shark, Great White, blue whale...) day and night (and I mean day and night). Sometimes I think I might be an agent sent by the Great Creator. He was just too busy or too lazy and want to send someone else to take a real good look of some of his handy works. :jester:

In one of my collecting trips, I stayed in the water for 12 whole hrs without rest, food, drinks and going to the toilet-accomplished with immense bladder-control). That was from 6am when I got into the water till 6pm when I was circled by several Grey Reef sharks which obviously moved into shallow waters for their night feast. The only other person who might be able to do this is probably David Blaine, apart from being able to levitate himself :shock: . Well, I have to admit I still can't do that but I am working hard on that too. Just give me approx another twenty years... umm...

Oh :oops: , hehe, my fingers are numbed. I have no control over them. I have written an article again :sleeping: . Next time I shall keep it brief, quick and painless.
I can levitate myself!

:welcome: to TONMO.com Cyrus.

I've swam with sharks before too thought not quite as long, I share the same marine mania as you and the cephalomania that everyone here has!
Welcome, Cyrus,

I've found your posts very interesting.

After reading about your squid, I was curious about where you live - Obviously by the sea :smile:

Glad to have you with us,

Me too! Obviously somewhere in Australia (that little island to the West of New Zealand ... originally a penal colonoy you know .... lot of inbreeding goes on there :P )
my cuttles

Hiya Nancy, Melissa, Burstsovenergy24, Neptune, NickA5582, Joel_ang

Thanks a lot!

Hi Steve and Colin, I tried to attach photos of my cuttles but didn't work this time. I shall post em next time. They are not of high quality anyway (old photos reproduced using digital camera).

I am in the process of setting up my own aquatic wharehouse, going to be 99.9% marine stuff, :talker: . There will be 1 x ~600 gallons (9 tanks system), 2 x ~300 gallons (twin tanks systems), 1 small shark pool (~500 gallons) for baby sharks, perhaps plus up to 10 seperate tanks (from 70 g to 100+ g). All DIY stuff, :biggrin2:. There are going to be lots of fishtanks, stands, filter boxes, big skimmers, fluidised filter columns to construct plus lots of PVC pipes, lots of glass and lots of acrylic and more....... :jester: .

Once I get em filled (another couple of months), I shall post my new high quality pictures of captive cephs (wild-caught, or wild-abducted and all without consent, :frown: :oops: ) ) , hopefully.
small island

by the way, I did go to the penal colony (the small island with heaps of inbreeding going on to be exact) and stayed there for couple of years :frown: . the squid photos where indeed taken there :biggrin2: but I am not over there now, :smile: . I was set free, or released (proper terminology).

for your info, a lot of my kiwi mates were taking part in the so-called inbreeding programs too :jester: . I wish I had the chance to go to the much bigger kiwi island and enjoy some ceph encounters there, too :biggrin2: .

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