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Sep 14, 2003
My husband and I have just bought our first octo. We are so excited. He comes home a week from today!!! We have been visiting him everyday since we purchased him, but our tank isn't quite ready yet. I have been having fun reading all the posts and archives and I am looking forward to bringing Smedley home. I think that he is beginning to recognize us. I stoped by the LFS after work today to say hi. He was hanging out on his rock and swooped over to the glass to check me out. He would follow my fingers, and was flashing this great puple color. I feel bad, because I didn't want him at first, but as soon as I saw him, I fell in love. He may only associate me with food right now, becasue he gets fed as soon as I get there. I'm trying to get him on a feeding schedule. We really don't know that much about keeping a ceph, but this site has really helped us out. As my husband and I were going through all the pictures last night, I was saying how none are as cute as Smedley. No offense meant, but this IS my baby we are taking about. Actually there are some great loooking pictures,and I can't wait to add Smedley.

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