Hi, I'm new!

It is indeed. Congratulations on delurking. Welcome to Tonmo :welcome:

What's your interest? You own any octopuses or cuttles? Hoping too?

Or like me do you just find Cephalopods fascinating?
Hi there
Carefull now Interest here soon leads to obsession
when i joined I just liked cuttlefish and thought there were "Cool" since then Ive owned 3 cephs and gone through 3 fish tanks of ever increasing size. :smile:
:welcome: I don't own any sea animals either. I live vicariously through all the stories about octo and cuttle escapades and, of course, pictures. Ownership of cephs is not a requirement of membership in Tonmo, however membership in Tonmo should be a requirement for ceph ownership. Not that I'm biased or anything!:wink:
Hi Adam! You are most welcome here. Good to see you have a forum on prehistoric animals - there are more than a few dinosaur lovers here too!

Enjoy the site!

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