hi everyone

Hi and welcome to TONMO.com!

This is a good site for your research. Just click on the Ceph Care button above and you'll find some helpful articles.

Are you planning to get one of the tank-bred bimacs?

Glad to have you on board!

Welcome to Tonmo ! I am sure you can get just about all you need to know here!
yes i am

yeagh i am planning on getting a bimac but ti have a problem it seems so difficult to maintane a salt water aquarium and very expensive is it and can anyone give me pointers on how!!!!!!!!!!
Most of us have come from a reef keeping backround, and migrated into managing cephs...on the upper left of your screen, there is a whole bit about ceph care, and there are papers available online from Tonmo about setting up and keeping bimacs, written by the experts!
Initially, you are probably looking at investing about 600-1000 to set up a bimac tank, but once you are past that hurdle, it is all in the maintenance, because cephs are very, very particular animals...much harder to keep than fish. (but oh so much more fascinating!)
Hope you decide to stick with it, and hey, it can take a long time...trust me though, it will be worth it...

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