Jun 28, 2004
Hey everyone,
My name is Ed LaFlam and I live in Gloucester MA. I've had a reeftank up for about a year and just love it! I have also started raising Dwarf seahorses (Hippocampus zosterae) which are really cool. I bought a pair from www.seahorsefarms.com and they's already given birth.
I'm also interested now in cuttlefish and have started reading up on them.
I've been out to Daisy Hill Cuttle Farm website(http://stickycricket.com/aquarium/cuttle/index.html) and saw the most awesome cuttlefish. So I've been search for info and finally found this forum.
Nice to meet you!
Welcome Ed! Keep us posted on your cuttle escapades, and let the "regulars" here know any questions; they usually have the answers or can at least provide some guidance.

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