Hey Phil Is that your letter about Colossal Squid in the new issue of Fortean Times?

Jul 11, 2005
Hey is that a letter from 'our' Phil (from Dover, Kent) correcting some errors in Fortean Times regarding Giant and Colossal Squid footage and recovered specimens? I don't know if the issue has het the news stands yet, but I'm a suscriber and get it early. It must be, How many ceph-crazed guys called Phil are there in Dover?
Oh...it was my identical twin brother...I woke up in the shower and it was all a dream....

Yep, that was me. I just hope I got my facts right as I'll have egg on my face from the clever chaps on this site if I have made a mistake! There's nothing there that hasn't cropped up on on TONMO in the past, and especially thanks to ob for discovering the images of that recently trawled up Colossal Squid specimen. It was that discovery that prompted my letter in the first place.

A few of us have had letters in FT; Steve's been mentioned more than a few times recently, Clem has had a letter published and Emperor is a moderator on the FT site. Anyone else here contributed to FT?
Lucky, I wish I could contribute, but most of my contribution is useless stuff anyway. Not entirely relevant, but I think there was a Reader's Digest article on Steve and his search for baby Archis. States that our poor squid prof. came for the author a day before he arrived and he apologises for everything around him smelling of squid and ciggies.

...Hm..makes you wonder, doesn't it?
I thank thee, Mr Delta!

I had a picture in FT of a peculiar tree I photographed in my home town back in Feb. 04. It was in the simulacra section of the letters page as it resembled a face. Can I now find the original image to show you? No, of course not! I really hope that I have not deleted it.

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