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Hello! Bobtails are "Euprymna scolopes"? What size have the octopus and the bobtails? If they are small 3 or 5 cm I will very interested in buy 4 Bobtails. But I live In Spain. I don´t care if I have pay a little more for the animalls. I´m desesperate, Nobody wants to sell to me because I live too far! Please You are my last chance, I´ve looked for that specie for a long time (4 years) but here where I live is impossible to get one. If you can sell to me You will make me a great favour. I have a saltwater tank with 300 litres waiting for them. Thanks a lot!
[email protected]
P.s: I will be on line about 5 hours from now (12:05)!
Wey, contact a company in the UK called Aqualogistix. You could try and get Sepiola atlanticus (think I got that right, someone feel free to correct me). They are also a bobtail squid that is native to the Uk. See what they can do for you. Don't know how they are trading at the moment, they are a family run business and Erin recently gave birth, and they just moved across the country to newer, larger unit. Imagine you will speak to Dr. Keith, tell him you spoke to me.

If he can't help you he should know someone who will be able to!

Um, just so you notice, this freedive43 seller posted once in February of 2005, and has never posted again, and, in fact, hasn't even logged in to read messages since 2/19/05. I doubt that s/he is reading this thread, so maybe sending an email to the email address is more likely to get useful information. Of course, if you do, please report in the appropriate octo availability/ cuttle availability thread, and encourage freedive43 to stop by more frequently!

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