Happy Birthday to WK!


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May 30, 2000
When I was a kid I got a memorable Hallmark birthday card. For some reason I found it quite amusing...

Sung to the tune of Happy Birthday:

Hippo, birdie, two ewes,
Hippo, birdie, two ewes,
Hippo, birdie, deer ewe,
Hippo, birdie, two ewes.

The accompanying illustrations were what made it funny.

Now, I just did a search for this via Google, and while the illustrations are different, it's the same concept:

Birthday Greeting Dance

I hope this didn't ruin your birthday... :biggrin2:

:lol: that is an odd link..... i put it on the calendar in a lemming sort of way, hoping once people see that the 'cliff diving' isnt that bad, theyd join in....(putting their BDs on the calendar, not jumping of cliffs :smile: )
Frontloading before
His night of mirth, White Kiboko
A hippo buddha

Kin to the Kelpie
Colleague of Buddha, water
Spirit Makara

Squid, elephant, thing
Makara kicks up his fins
Says Happy Birthday

Yours truly,
A very happy birthday to you WK!

Hope you have a few ales later, I'll inscribe 'WK' into a pint of Guiness in your honour later.

Clem is your avatar an ancient Norse bone carving? Reindeer antler, 8th-9th century? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?
The Moog said:
What's your Avatar all about Phil?

It's an octopus enjoying a meaningful relationship with Jacques Derrida.


It's Comical Ali, the former Iraqi Information Minister! Long may he live.

I totally remember getting that same card for my birthday. That's one coincidence. The other is that today is my birthday as well. I guess that makes WK and I related or something.
well there are several others with the date....henry vii, jean jacques rousseau, mel brooks, john elway...id like to think i have a little something in common with them all and maybe i do, a fat former football player that thinks to much and doesnt worry about being politically correct :smile: (henry, elway, rousseau, brooks respectively).....but thats just ego

or the staropramen talking :smile:

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:

of course i unintentionally left out pat morita....

and figured itd be morbid to bring up franz ferdinand....
I hope you had a good birthday too Jared. Any squidy presents?

Clem said:
It's Comical Ali, the former Iraqi Information Minister! Long may he live.

Yeah well, I thought that I had better keep my avatar up to date! Shocker to find out MSS had white hair.
Phil said:
I hope you had a good birthday too Jared. Any squidy presents?

I did have a good birthday. I did the first ocean dive for my AAUS research diving certification. I've got to get that cert so I can get squid chasing jobs.

I did get a very squidly shirt for my birthday. Here's a what's on the shirt (minus the frame):

So friends are coming down today for my birthday and I think we're going to the aquarium so I can stare at the cuttle fish some more.
Hey, the more members we have, the more toasts we can make!!! I am done with work for today, and hoisting a nice tall cold glass of beer in honour of all of our respective birthdays!
Long live Tonmo!!!
:notworth: Greg

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