Happy Birthday Phil and Tintenfisch!


Staff member
Site Owner
May 30, 2000
A new smiley just for the two of you (well, and for anyone else who has a birthday from this day forward):


Happy Birthday!
Aaah.....Thanks Tony!

I'm celebrating with cough mixture and decongestants. Got a dreadful cold here.......and it's raining............
I can't really top that...but happy birthday(s)...your comments and papers are always fantastic to read, thanks so much for donating to the TONMO community!
Aaahh......Thanks y'all. :heee:

I hope you remember to add your names to the birthday list too!

We won't forget...honest. :oops:
...will be adding a "birthday" field to member's profiles, and they will be automatically added to the Community Calendar... someday... :roll:

Alright, I've just submitted my birthday to the calendar. There's a confirmation process involved, which I don't like the sound of. I'd hate to find out that it never happened.


Yours truly,

Professor Chaos
Come now, Clem. You are only allowed one per year. Must not be greedy now! :popcorn:
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