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Ohhh, would I love to see him send that babylonian b*tch back to housewares!!!
lol So the character was cool. It still sucked majorly, it had a few funny parts but it was still bad enough to give me a headache and put me to sleep. Army of darkness was ok though...
OOHHHHH...them's fightin' words!
The Evil Dead...possibly the best "b" movie of all time, and perhaps, of all dimensions!
How could anyone possibly compare Night of the Living Dead to the Evil Dead series? That's like comparing "The Devils" to the witch-trial sequence in "Holy Grail". One - NOTLD - is a straight-up exercise in low-budget horror, brilliantly realized, the other - the ED trilogy - is splatstick humor, brilliantly realized! As 007 once observed, "Peking duck is different than Russian caviar, though I love them both".
Ah, the Evil Dead films...I remember being one of only eight people watching 'Army of Darkness' a day after it's premier in Hammersmith in London back in 1993. One of those select few walked out half-way through! She clearly had no taste as AoD was one of the most entertaining films I had ever seen. Almost every pretence of horror that ED and EDII aspired to was thrown out of the window for the second sequel, and it was just a corking joke-fest with hammy acting and lots of gurning. Excellent.

I've still got the (unplayed) castle siege board game somewhere.

A musical version just won't work without Bruce Campbell..

For years I had my computer setup to blurt out all kinds of little sound bytes many of which were harvested from the ED movies. I must have been really annoying.

Bruce is the best! If you haven't read "If Chins Could Kill" you must! He also has another book that I haven't picked up yet called "Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way".

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