Had to find an animal to match my intelligence and curiosity ;)...

Mar 15, 2005
Hey everyone, just signed up tonight! I'm excited to start learning a lot more about Cephalopods, and hope to soon have my first Octopus in a nice, custom built acryllic 55 gallon. Wish me luck!
Welcome to Tonmo! There is a ton of info under the "ceph care" section, including some very good articles on keeping cephs !
Glad you found us, too !
Hi and Welcome to TONMO.com

Good luck with the octo, and keep us up to date!
That is actually my friend's shop in my signature. There's only a few good LFS here in town and he's one of them so I show as much support as I can.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! And believe me, I'll keep you updated on the tank and post lots of pictures when the time comes closer!

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