Grow Smart and Die Young: Why Did Cephalopods Evolve Intelligence?


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Sep 4, 2006
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Grow Smart and Die Young: Why Did Cephalopods Evolve Intelligence?
PieroAmodio, MarkusBoeckle, Alexandra K.Schnell, LjerkaOstojić, GrazianoFiorito, Nicola S.Clayton 2018 (subscription Trends in Ecology & Evolution)

The most influential views on the evolution of intelligence suggest that intelligence coevolves with slow life history in response to socioecological challenges; however, these conclusions are primarily focused on large-brained vertebrates.
Cephalopod molluscs strongly challenge the most accepted hypotheses on the evolution of intelligence: cephalopods evolved complex brains and high behavioural flexibility together with fast life histories and in simple social environments.
Surprisingly, the evolution of intelligence in cephalopods has been largely overlooked, thus leaving this evolutionary conundrum unsolved.
Discussing differences and similarities between cephalopods and large-brained vertebrates, may shed light on fundamental aspects of the evolution of intelligence.

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