Jun 20, 2003
Hello all! I've been monitoring the site for sometime (mainly watching for news of the first sighting of an architeuthis in the wild!), but decided I should join to post a little something I came across today. There was a recent deep-sea expedition sponsored by an agency in New Zealand, and one of the animals on display at the expedition website is a Jewel Squid (Histioteuthis sp.). The direct URL is

Enjoy, and I look forward to many more interesting things on this site. Not LEAST of which will be the Architeuthis sighting!!! Fingers crossed!

Welcome to TONMO. In case you haven't seen it yet, there's a very live, very upset Histioteuthis over at the "Squid ID" thread (Physiology & Biology).

So, you've been "monitoring" TONMO? Sounds vaguely Federal. Hope we're not in trouble.


Re: Greetings!

Shepmoon said:
Hello all! I've been monitoring the site for sometime (mainly watching for news of the first sighting of an architeuthis in the wild!)

Now there's a coincidence!

It's been remarkably quiet on the Architeuthis front for the past 8 months; perhaps we'll hear of some interesting discoveries in the next 8 weeks (no, we've got nothing up our sleeves - it's just that time of the year when they could be sighted).
I actually grew up in Golden Valley...near Edina. Lots of pretty scenery there...and good fishing!
Welcome to Tonmo!
Thanks, thanks, and thanks one and all! And no, Clem, Tonmo is not in trouble from the least as far as *I'm* concerned. :-)

*wavin' hi to fellow Minnesotans*

Hells Bells...we could be related!!!! :lol: Golden Valley is a small was a great place to grow up though...lots of creeks (cricks?) and crayfish...oh yeah, and leeches. yikes! (clem, you wouldn't have liked 'em...too much like little black jellyfish)
Does she remember Ewald Dairy??? That was our family business for 5 decades...right out of Golden Valley!

hey, speaking of sightings in the wild.... did you hear about one supposedly latching onto the trimaran Geronimo while it was sailing an around the world race. The Jules Vern Around the World race as a matter of fact
Hi Fluffysquid.

I'm afraid the whole Jules Verne Trophy story turned out to be a hoax, I'm afraid. There was some discussion of the incident at this link on this site if you are interested:

News: Giant Squid Attacks French Boat

Hope you have fun here!


Thats what i figured. Too big of a coincidence. And no photographs of the "incident". Thats why i said it "supposedly" grabbed the trimaran. Nice to see that the hoax has come out finally though. I haven't been watching the news to see.

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