Going to Sailfin LFS Champaign IL today

Michael Blue

Apr 3, 2007
...If anyone cares...

Researching all this Reef tank stuff. Looking for a book (I know there are articles online, but this would be something additional I can peruse without burning out my retinas further, lol!) on reef tank setup, as well as researching the actual equipment and pricing...

I can't say whether I hope they have a Ceph of some kind there or not...I hope to see one, but not wild caught or poorly kept, lol!
All I've seen there in the past were Blue rings.

Maybe I'll try to get a few camera-phone pics and document my trip.


Well, we're back, but there wasn't anything really to take pics of.
I was glad to hear they no longer deal in any Cephs, at least not unless it's by pre-paid order, and you have to be available to pick up your critter the day it comes in...That should deter several would-be Ceph owners/killers, lol!

They did have some gorgeous live rock, which made me wish I had a tank and was ready...Some unbelievable stuff growing on/in and living on/in there!

I did buy a book, but I'm sure after one or two reads it'll be too simplistic...


"The New marine Aquarium" by Michael Paletta.

THIS FULLY ILLUSTRATED, step-by-step handbook for planning, setting up, and stocking a marine aquarium uses a simplified new approach developed by expert aquarists. Includes clear advice for beginners on appropriate equipment, filtration, lighting, aquascaping, and an invaluable fish-selection guide. The only complete, up-to-date beginner's guide; written by a master marine aquarist.

Michael Paletta writes regularly on the subject of marine aquarium keeping for Tropical Fish Hobbyist, SeaScope, and other national publications. He has been involved in the design and setup of more than 60 marine aquariums, including the 4,500-gallon reef exhibit at the National Aquarium in Baltimore and another at the Pittsburgh AquaZoo.

I also picked up a copy of "Marine Fish and Reef, USA".


As well as a flier they apparently made themselves at the store providing 4+ pages of "New Marine Aquarium" info.

They did have some beautiful natural-colored Goby, but didn't have a sign for them on the tank. They were strongly patterned like the shading on a light colored coral or something similar. I thought I had the name, but looking it up, it wasn't the right species. They look like a cross between round goby and ghost shrimp in color, if that makes sense, lol! I'm sure they were nothing special, but I liked them.

Anyways...I'll keep researching and reading the info I picked up. Other "getting started" info greatly appreciated.

Wow, I used to practically live there! I went to the U of I for a couple years, not to mention grew up in Champaign-Urbana 2nd-8th grades... Fond memories.

It's nice to know they're still in business; they still are (at least were) one of the better-informed fish stores I've ever dealt with. I partially blame them for my being an aquarist now. : )

Good luck with your research!

Paletta is a genius...he has the gift of working the use of words to explain a situation so that it is easy to understand, and follow. I could not have recommended a better book.
mmmccrthy3000, yeah, living over by Peoria I used to make the 1.5hr trip regularly to see what odd freshwater critters they had that month. They've always been a very clean and apparently knowledgeable LFS, and I've bought several freshwater species from them in the past, including live plants. Silver Arowana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) have long been a favorite of mine, and I always have one on hand. I'll buy them as frys and raise them until they're just over a foot in length, when they begin to get too crowded (for my taste) in my 29G. (God, I miss my 46G bow!). Then I trade them back in for another fry (when they're available) and TONS fo store credit, lol! I've gotten several Arrows from them, as well as something they called "freshwater sabre-tooth barracuda" (today they had something similar, called "sabre-tooth pirhana") and a few other weirdos.

It's too far away for me to really plan on getting most of my equipment there, but at least it's a good resource when the family's up to a road trip.

cthulhu77, VERY good to know! I hope to be starting on collecting equipment very shortly, and I know this book (not to mention TONMO) will be HUGE resources for getting set up.

I honestly feel like I've got one big advantage over some other aquarists, in that I know already what my long-term goals are and I can purchase everything with that in mind, as well as the steps from beginning to end; planning everything out ahead of time.

Thanks guys!

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