Giant Squids Top Canadian Yahoo

"97% of these queries were made by one D. Lindo, between the hours of 1 AM and 12AM. 2% were generated by the automatic searches initiated by one Dave L. The remaining 1% have white skin and vestigial eyes."
Does make you wonder doesn't it.

If a psychologist was to examine one's google searches by name, I expect many of us squid obsessed regulars on this site would be classified as psychotic.

I expect I counted for 98% all searches on "Fossil Octopuses", "Focke-Wulf Ta 154" and "Images of Badgers" recently. Sometimes I wonder when the ambulance and men in white coats with a huge net will turn up at the front door.

Expect you are right about Dave, Clem. He likes the caffeine.

They haven't found you yet? I gave them your address in trade for weekends out of here !!!! (back to square walls for a day or two !)

That is an unusual article...people have a lot of spare time, it seems...

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